15 Ways to Share A Ray of Sunshine Today

Daybreak (two days ago) I was taking some grain to the bird feeder. As I was filling the feeder, I felt that I was being watched. I began to look around and noticed a small chickadee about 8 short inches from the front of my face. Looking directly at me she sang her little chick-a-dee-dee song. Was she singing thank you? Or, chick-a-dee-dee-feed-me? Either way, it was the first day I had seen the sun in almost a week and I was being beautifully serenaded as well.

And so began the idea for this post…

If a little chickadee can make the rest of my day so very happy, I can do the same. Every thought that day and every smile, became a little reflection of that happy chickadee song.

So how about it? It has surely been a long winter for many of us; let’s share a little ray sunshine today.

Here’s my list of 15 ways I plan to share a little sunshine:

  1. Read a new children’s picture book and then share it.
  2. Tell a good, fun, clean, feel good joke. Right now.
  3. Send out a surprise thank you note. Write it by hand.
  4. Illuminate confidence and contribute to another person’s confidence.
  5. Just smile.
  6. March is reading month. Read to a child.
  7. Learn a new song. Sing it. Share it.
  8. Life can be funny. Discover the humor in it. Laugh at yourself, especially in front of your kids.
  9. Always keep at least three jokes up your sleeve. A Joke App might help?
  10. Visit a shut in.
  11. Open the door for someone behind you. Twice.
  12. Say, “Thank you,” and add, “Kindly.”
  13. Wave at someone new in your neighborhood, school, or office.
  14. Buy a motivational best seller and give it away.
  15. Leave or send a bouquet to someone who least expects it.

If you are inclined, drop a note and tell me how you plan to share some sunshine. And don’t forget to send me your link (s).


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