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Michelle Bradford

Welcome to My Work Studio. Who Am I and What I Do.

I am an Author, a Writer, a Speaker, and a Designer…published in web design, digital content, and college-level curriculum. I am passionate about content, design, digital publishing, poetic code, and children’s literature.

Did I mention that Kindergarten is my favorite grade ever?

  • Web content. Digital design. Publishing.
  • Web Workshops for conferences and events. Speaking and teaching at conferences. Special themes and specific development requests honored with advance notice .
  • Children’s writing. Picture books and easy readers. Concept-character-driven fiction. Creative nonfiction.
  • Past jobs include: Event planning. Curriculum development & community college instruction. Public Relations.



A Short Bio

Michelle Bradford
Michelle BradfordAuthor. Speaker. Designer.
Michelle writes for big and little kids. She is a web creative who spends her free time quilting and gardening with family and friends. She gets excited about afternoon tea and tiny sandwiches, southern style.


My favorite projects include writing, creating, designing, and geekier (think outside of the box) sort of stuff.

In today’s world, the web is the first place people go to find you and your information. When you think about it, your web space is both personal and professional. It’s your online story; the sum of your web presence.

So when I’m not writing story with pen and paper, I’m developing story with design.

Writing for kids projects include:
Creative nonfiction, character-driven fiction, concept-picture books

My speaking presentations include:
Teaching and inspiring others to design and write and build their professional platform

Great web design projects include:
Fully responsive web design so content looks great on any machine
Awesome sliders to showcase content and visually tell the story of you and your business
Relevant content modeling outfitted with artistic usability options

Where does one begin? My first smile…my first crawl or walk? The first time I fell on the balance beam? Or, the first time I got back up?

(Success and failure) + (failure and success) these are only part of the equation.

Every time I took a leap of faith + every time I lived my dream + every time I had the courage to try something scary-new…to believe I could, when the world said I couldn’t. Every awesome moment when I recognized that what I didn’t know, was more important than what I did know…these are my highest accomplishments.

“The joy is this…my highest accomplishments are infinite gifts. Why? Because I get to walk and dream, live and write, design and share, in the midst of the best of what I have learned from them, everyday.”


Drink lots of iced tea.

Drink lots of hot tea.


Get the job done.
Drink more iced tea to celebrate.

When I’m not working…

Spend time with family.
Kids sports.
Walk through butterfly houses.


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