5 Ways to Teach Your Child During Playtime

All kinds of adventures await you and your child today. The opportunity to learn during play is one that you can provide. Parents who teach and provide guided learning during playtime help creative independent thinking skills during early development years from birth. Below are a few simple ideas to help you understand the essence of parent teaching during play.

  • Ask Questions

    Even before your child speaks, you can talk to them. Baby talk is good. Adult talk is nice. Person to person is best. Ask questions that stimulate thinking and create memorable play at the same time. Good conversation begins with toys that are engaging, thought provoking, and timeless. Your child will get years of play with toys like the Shape Sequence Sorting Set by Melissa and Doug.
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  • Take a Seat and Give Them a Seat

    I like to suggest seating that promotes visual communication during play. So, if your baby is on the floor, you should be also. If your toddler is playing at a table, sit beside them. When you’re eating a meal at the table include your child in a high chair and include them in the conversation. When your child is fidgety and done with the meal, provide soft creative play until the meal is over. Taggies™ Dazzle Dots Plush Monkey from Hearthsong helps your child cuddle and explore all at the same time. Click on the photo to purchase.

  • Play a Role

    Role-play is healthy and oh, so, fun! Toy manufacturers have options in the role-play category. There are so many to choose from but here is one of my favorites. Pretty Purse Fill and Spill Toddler Toy by Melissa and Doug is nice for independent play. With no sharp edges it is effortlessly carried by toddler hands and serves a dual purpose for travel.

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  • Prepare a Theme

    Adventurous Animals…Busy Bugs…Crafty Kids Day…and the list can mirror the alphabet. My kids always enjoyed finding out the new theme of the day or week. Hide the theme in a plastic bottle and let them find it in the sand box. Post it on the refrigerator right beside the chore list. Chose a theme based on a book and extend it a week or month long. An idea for a Busy Bugs Theme Day might include the Bug Jug Fill & Spill by Melissa and Doug.  Kids LOVE to pour out, pick-it-up, and shake-it-up.

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  • Always, Always, Add Books to the Scenario

    Literacy is at the heart of my goals in life. If a child can read, that child can dream and hope and be confident. Our corners of the world expand through brilliant children’s literature. So this “Do” begins at birth as well. Share your lap. Share your laptop. Share your story with your kids today. Give them what money cannot buy…the ability to explore words and worlds, ideas and intellect. Teach the love of learning for a lifetime.

 My challenge for you today is to get creative and play around with new playtime ideas. How about getting together with other parents to exchange play dates with themes? If you’d like to share ideas with me, I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Parenting! Happy Learning!


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